50 Best Ways to Differentiate Your Brand and Stand Out from Your Competition

I know you know that if you want your business to stand out from your competition, you must differentiate your brand. Duh! But, one of the stumbling blocks for making that happen can be coming up with specific ways to do it. That’s why you need 50 Ways to Differentiate Your Brand, co-authored by Derrick Daye, The […]

The Future of Business and the Prestige Market

Incredibly well-done presentation by NYU Professor, Scott Galloway, on the future of business and how to thrive in it, especially in the prestige market. There are so many great points he makes in this video that can be applied to any business. Pay particular attention to his discussion about the future and transformation of retail business. I bet you’ll have a whole new perspective from now on when you hear the word “warehouse”!

Differentiate yourself from the competition, or GO HOME! You can’t blend in and STAND OUT at the same time. And if you’re NOT the least bit CRAZY, you’ll NEVER be the least bit NOTICED.

Stand Out | Differentiate

How to Add Full Size Pictures to Your Tweets

Do you ever get frustrated by the size of the pictures you include with your tweets? I’ve been there and it sucks. You want your tweets to look sharp, but for some reason they turn out crappy looking. Let’s fix this problem for you, OK? First, I want you to download the Buffer App from the […]

10 Quotes Debunking The Guaranteed Search Engine Ranking Myth

Admit it. We all want someone to come along who can provide our business with a guaranteed search engine ranking. And some SEO firms are more than happy to be that someone. To be that SEO hero. To swoop in past everyone else and rescue your business from the Search Engine monsters that are chewing […]

3 Reasons Why You Must Write a Lot of Blog Posts

Folks, you’ve got to write a lot of blog posts if you want to keep us with the Joneses. Carly Stec with Impact Branding & Design makes some terrific points in her recent article, “Why You Should Keep Blogging (Even When It Feels Like No One is Reading)”. It doesn’t matter if you have millions of […]

Fascinating interview of Katie Paine by Jason Falls with Social Media Explorer TV!  Jason asks Katie (a.k.a. “The Queen of Metrics”) to explain how to prove the ROI of a business’ Social Media investment.

Katie points out that before you can measure Social Media ROI, you have to determine what your “R” (Return) is. What sort of “return” are you looking to quantify?

She goes on to say that “ROI in Social Media is NOT defined in terms of eyeballs or in terms of numbers” because there are too many variables that don’t allow for clean metrics.

The bottom line is whether or not your Social Media efforts are reaching the right eyeballs and are you creating engagement with that audience.

This would be a great interview to watch with a potential client to help educate them on the realities of Social Media metrics and to set expectations for the client.