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emphatic_bullhorn_figure_11879Ya know, your name doesn’t have to be Matt Cutts or Kim Garst or Gary Vaynerchuk to have valuable insights into the world of social media.

Don’t get me wrong . . . these recognized “gurus” rock! I admire their successes and their wisdom. They’ve all earned their recognition and their following.

My point here is that there are many, many other seemingly “unrecognized” experts in social media who have some terrific things to say about this crazy arena.

So, at the risk of offending some the slightly less recognized experts I’m including in this post because they would considered themselves recognized, I offer you the following Social Media quotes from some folks I think deserve a little more “pub” from the social media world.

Social Media Quote - Ian Anderson Gray

“If you don’t track your visits and visitors on your website then how can you tell if your social media presence is actually making a difference?”
– Ian Anderson Gray, 10 Must Have Social Media Tools for Small Business

Write blog posts for search engines

“Even though your online content is meant for a human audience, it must still meet the needs of the search engines.”
– Jay Torrence, Content Marketing is One Pillar of a Good Online Marketing Plan

Personal branding

“Be who you are. If you try to sound like everyone else you will disappear into the background.”
– Andrea Stenberg, What Does It Mean to Be Authentic in Your Marketing?


“Innovation and paradigm-busting breakthroughs don’t come without a little testing, a little bloodshed.”
– Rochelle Moulton, The Battles Worth Fighting For Your Brand

Build a personal brand people can trust

“People buy from those they trust. When you build a personal brand – one that people can learn to trust – people will buy from you.”
– Jill Celeste, How Personal Branding Can Help You Market Your Business

What is your 2¢ worth? Take a second and share your comments, thoughts, and suggestions below. Your perspective is valuable to all. Thanks in advance!