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I know you know that if you want your business to stand out from your competition, you must differentiate your brand. Duh! But, one of the stumbling blocks for making that happen can be coming up with specific ways to do it.

That’s why you need 50 Ways to Differentiate Your Brand, co-authored by Derrick DayeThe Blake Project’s Mark Di Somma, Brad VanAuken and Thomson Dawson.

These guys have put together a remarkable list of creative and practical ideas to differentiate your brand. It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in. All 50 of their ideas will have your mind swirling with all sorts of powerful techniques you can use immediately to stand out from your competition, improve your brand recognition, and increase your bottom line.

Here are my 3 favorite ideas on how you can differentiate your brand:

  1. Look different. Apple always looks like Apple. Diesel always looks like Diesel. Absolut Vodka always looks like Absolut. They’re in a sector but they don’t look like part of the sector.
  2. (Re)Invent a category – and own it. UFC became the fastest growing sports organization in the world by redefining the reach and the audience for mixed martial arts. Today, UFC produces more than 30 live events annually and is the largest pay-per-view event provider in the world. Swatch differentiated from other watch brands by focusing on self-expression rather than precision.

  3. Break away from conventional wisdom. Breakaway brands bring new meanings to the party and make the most of the stretch, holding on to enough of the old to avoid category defection. Breakaway brands stretch the boundaries and live as outliers. These brands are the opposite of the well-behaved brands in the category and consequently provide radical differentiation from the status quo. Cirque du Soleil is one such brand. It falls into the “circus” category, but this brand has skillfully crafted a highly valued and differentiated positioning as everything a circus is not. There are no tents, tigers and elephants. No ringmasters. Instead it borrows attributes from other entertainment categories like, dance, music, opera and theater. It becomes something all together different–far outside the bounds of a conventional circus.

What are your favorite ways to differentiate your brand? What did you think of Derrick, Mark, Brad, and Thomson’s list? Did you come up with some more ideas to help your business stand out from your competition? Share them below in the comments section.

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