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Do you ever get frustrated by the size of the pictures you include with your tweets?

I’ve been there and it sucks.

Twitter Tweet - Crappy Looking Picture

You want your tweets to look sharp, but for some reason they turn out crappy looking.

Let’s fix this problem for you, OK?

First, I want you to download the Buffer App from the iTunes Store.

Buffer App Screenshots on iTunes

I love this tool and have used it for the past 2 years. It’s FREE and it rocks!

Now, once you have the Buffer App installed, find the article you want to tweet.

Make sure the article has a photo in it that extends all the way across the text area. We want “full size”.

Next, hover your mouse over the picture. In the bottom right, you should have the option to “Share Image” via Buffer.

Buffer Full Size Images

Do you? Good. Let’s move on.

After you’ve clicked on the “Share Image” option, a box will pop up with the image, the title of the article, and the link to it.

Buffer App Queue Twitter

As the late Stuart Scott would say, “BOOYA!”

Click on all of the Social platforms showing in the box except for Twitter, click on “Add to Queue”, and you are done, Playa!

When that tweet shows up in your Timeline on Twitter, it will have a beautiful, full size picture accompanying it.

And THAT’S how you add full size pictures to your tweets.

If you found this Twitter tip helpful, pass it along to someone who could use it. And if you have other methods that you’ve used to get the same result or better, please share that with all of us in a comment below. The only way we learn to get better is through exchanging ideas with each other.