Baby Boomers: Are You Being Swept Away by Social Media and Technology?

Ocean Wave - Baby Boomers and Technology

Photo by Graham Cook via Flickr

Baby Boomers are going to get swept away by the waves of technology if they continue to stand on the shore.

Gone are the days when you could get by with paper and pencil, a calculator, and a phone in the workplace.

Technology has made those and other tools practically obsolete. The bar has been raised. Technology and social media are now the tools that all businesses expect their employees to understand and to utilize in their daily routine.

Social Media Strategist, Stephanie Fraide, and Oscar Menjivar with Teens Exploring Technology, share some valuable insights into today’s current uses of technology and social platforms like Instagram, Twitter and other platforms to improve communication, educate, and train young AND old. Check out the video from PBS SoCal at approximately the 17:45 minute mark when the focus of the discussion shifts to the Baby Booomer generation:

Unfortunately, even with today’s powerful technology available to all, there still remains a large chasm between it and those who choose to learn and use it. BabyBoomers, this is not an optional offer. You have to jump on the wave and ride it or else you will be left behind wondering why no one wants to hire you.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. are not fads that will fade away. They, along many other platforms, are here to stay. In fact, the future will bring more and more similar tools, many of which will also be considered mandatory for employees.

Baby Boomers, don’t get left behind. Take advantage of the tremendous training resources online like and Udemy. The very best training is available right on your computer via the web . . . but you have to choose to use it or risk becoming irrelevant in the workplace.

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