7 Best Instagram Tools to Help Differentiate You From Your Competitors

via @LisaBMichaels | The Social Marketers | @GregBardwell Instagram is very effective for keeping your customers up-to-date on your latest products and services. Your competitors are always looking for ways to capture your Instagram audience. That’s why you need 7 of the best Instagram tools to help grow your business and differentiate you from your competitors: 1. […]

50 Best Ways to Differentiate Your Brand and Stand Out from Your Competition

How to Differentiate Your Brand

I know you know that if you want your business to stand out from your competition, you must differentiate your brand. Duh! But, one of the stumbling blocks for making that happen can be coming up with specific ways to do it. That’s why you need 50 Ways to Differentiate Your Brand, co-authored by Derrick Daye, The […]

Social Media Engagement Does NOT Exist Without . . . Underwater Cables?!

Social Media Engagement - Underwater Cables

The global internet, including Social Media engagement, is held together by thousands of thin underwater cables. Social media engagement. So important. Crucial for small businesses. And it’s a wireless thing, right? Wrong. We think the internet’s in the cloud. But really, it’s in the ocean. These thin underwater cables are the circulatory system of the […]

How to Add Full Size Pictures to Your Tweets

Do you ever get frustrated by the size of the pictures you include with your tweets? I’ve been there and it sucks. You want your tweets to look sharp, but for some reason they turn out crappy looking. Let’s fix this problem for you, OK? First, I want you to download the Buffer App from the […]

How to Save Time Managing Multiple WordPress Websites

Are you responsible for managing a handful of WordPress websites for yourself or your clients? Have you hit a dead-end looking for a way to save time managing multiple WordPress websites? Is this what you look like after trying to keep up with the mountain of daily WordPress maintenance, upgrade, update and security tasks? I’ve got […]

“Social Media in a Nutshell”
by Pam Moore

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Social Zoom Factor
August 15, 2014

Pam Moore - Social Zoom Factor

I first discovered Pam Moore (a.k.a. “The Marketing Nut”) last year on Twitter.

It seemed like every time I did a search for valuable, practical content on Twitter about anything related to Social Media, Pam’s tweets would show up in the search results time and time again.

“The heartbeat of social media is people. It’s people who write and send the tweets, take the photos, record the videos and engage in conversation. We must take a step back from the technology and embrace the human factor in order to zoom real results.” – Pam Moore

Now I’m no genius (ask my wife), but I knew this woman was social media “sharp” and I should probably follow her. Little did I know that I had stumbled upon a gold mine of killer marketing tips and strategies that I may never be able to sift all the way through.

As you’ve gathered, I’m a big fan of Pam’s. She is very generous with her knowledge and advice about this crazy social media world we’re all connected to.

My way of giving back to her is to share some of the powerful content she creates with you. In this case, it’s one of Pam’s very best podcasts, “Social Media in a Nutshell”. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights

  • What is social media in a nutshell?
  • Importance of focusing on the human factor and not just tools and technology
  • Doing social media vs being socially relevant
  • Heartbeat of social media is people
  • How online relationships are similar to offline relationships

Why Using Graphics in Your Social Media Marketing is Powerful

When it comes to communicating and learning, you can’t beat visuals for their impact. There is something very powerful about seeing ideas or instructions visually that clicks in our brains quickly and clearly. We are visual creatures who are drawn to and fascinated by pictures, graphics, and video. Sarah LaMothe’s Google+ post below via KwikTurn […]

Baby Boomers & Career Changers: Your Social Media Image is Everything

“37 percent of employers now use Facebook to pre-screen applicants, and 92 percent of recruiters use or plan to use social media for recruitment. Almost nine in ten recruiters have made a hire through LinkedIn, and 73 percent have successfully hired a candidate who was introduced to them through a social media site.” Moneypenny’s 2¢ worth: […]