Quick Guide: The Differences Between Pinterest and Instagram

Bob Gilbreath with Ahalogy goes over the main differences between Instagram and Pinterest, and how you can maximize these two powerful social media platforms in your visual marketing. As a bonus (no charge 🙂 ), Constant Contact does an equally thorough job of pointing out the differences between Pinterest and Instagram in tweet below. Make sure you […]

3 Social Media Tactics Your Business May Be Ignoring

Facebook and Twitter are the 1-2 Social Media punch that most businesses pour their social media marketing efforts and dollars into. But are there other social media tactics that your business may be ignoring that are costing you business? Entrepreneur’s recent video, “The Social Platforms You’ve Overlooked”, explores 3 social media tactics that you could be letting […]

Why Your Business Should Be On Vine

Vine is one of the fastest growing social media platforms on the Web. Some of the most famous brands in the world, like Coca-Cola, have discovered the social media marketing power of Vine: With our attention spans growing smaller and smaller by the minute, Vine’s 6-second videos have become the perfect attention grabber for savvy […]

Social Media Networks: Could You Function Without Them?

Social Media networks are magnets for billions of people worldwide everyday. Think about it. When was the last day that you DIDN’T spend at least a few minutes on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn or Google+? Is it possible that Social Media has become so essential to our lives that we MUST use it everyday or […]

The Most Important Google Search Tips and Tricks That Every Business and Every Marketer Must Know!

Is there anyone on the planet who is unaware of Google Search? [Crickets] That’s what I thought. But, how many Businesses and how many Marketers are aware of the most important Google Search tips and tricks that they must know to succeed? And if they are aware of them, how many Businesses and Marketers are […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The Basic What, Why, and How

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial to the success of your website. Without well-done SEO, very few people will ever see your site. And if no one sees your site, you won’t be selling your services or products. SEO must drive traffic to your site. In the marketing world, no one’s eyes means no one […]

15 Social Media Tips Only Baby Boomers Can Appreciate

Baby Boomers are a unique demographic. Many are catching on to the tsunami that is social media. And thanks to websites like Social Media Examiner, JeffBullas.com, HubSpot, and others, there is no shortage of social media tips to make life on the web that much more enjoyable and productive. However, sometimes in order to communicate […]

Live-Tweeting TV Shows Drive Follower Growth and Engagement

Twitter just released a study that indicates that live-tweeting TV shows, particularly when done by humans, drives follower growth and viewer engagement. TV shows increasing engagement and follower growth on Twitter when they live tweet during broadcasts is not earth shaking news. What IS remarkable about the impact of live tweeting, however, is the monstrous difference […]