Baby Boomers: Living Longer + Retiring Earlier + Saving Less = FAIL!

Baby Boomers are living longer, but retiring earlier and saving less. This is a bad formula for the future of Baby Boomers and for the future of Social Security. Younger generations today, like Millennials, would call this a major “FAIL”. According to Government sources, in 27 years Social Security won’t have enough tax income to […]

How to Copy the Colors of the Web’s Top Brands

What if you could copy the exact colors that the top brands on the Web use for their websites and social media platforms? I’m talking about Facebook, Coca-Cola, Twitter, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, and more. Well, now you can! Thanks to the folks at, you can now browse many of the color combos that the […]

Baby Boomers: Are You Being Swept Away by Social Media and Technology?

Baby Boomers are going to get swept away by the waves of technology if they continue to stand on the shore. Gone are the days when you could get by with paper and pencil, a calculator, and a phone in the workplace. Technology has made those and other tools practically obsolete. The bar has been […]

Baby Boomers & Technology: Falcons Coach Mike Smith Prefers Paper

Atlanta Falcons Head Coach, Mike Smith, may be up–to-speed on cutting edge coaching skills, but he’s typical of a lot of Baby Boomers who are on the rear end of today’s technology. Thank God his players are around to help him remember the name of one of those “gizmos” that he doesn’t use . . […]

10 Tips on How to Measure Social Media ROI

How do we measure Social Media Return on Investment (ROI)? We might as well ask ourselves how can we nail jello to a wall. The question seems rhetorical. It’s not possible to accurately measure the ROI of our Social Media marketing and social media campaigns . . . or is it? Reviewing hundreds of sources […]

Best Twitter Tips of the Week: Add Value, Be Helpful, Tweet More

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best Twitter tips from the past week . . . the best of the best! Rayne Hall reminds us to make being “helpful” a priority, Jackson Dean Chase points out how important it is to “add value” when we tweet, and a CRAZY idea (in a good way) […]

Why Using Graphics in Your Social Media Marketing is Powerful

When it comes to communicating and learning, you can’t beat visuals for their impact. There is something very powerful about seeing ideas or instructions visually that clicks in our brains quickly and clearly. We are visual creatures who are drawn to and fascinated by pictures, graphics, and video. Sarah LaMothe’s Google+ post below via KwikTurn […]