How to Copy the Colors of the Web’s Top Brands

What if you could copy the exact colors that the top brands on the Web use for their websites and social media platforms? I’m talking about Facebook, Coca-Cola, Twitter, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, and more.

Well, now you can!

Thanks to the folks at, you can now browse many of the color combos that the top brands use. Not only that, but when you click on each of the brand’s colors, the color code pops up so you can know EXACTLY which color it is and then copy it on your own site. website also allows you to download the colors for a specific brand like Adobe, download all of the top brands colors, and even share the link to a specific brand’s colors with others.

Colors are important to brands on the Web because they communicate and impress upon the viewers a certain message. For example, blue colors tend to communicate trust and dependability, while red colors are more tied to emergencies, risk, and/or danger.’s recent article, “Visual Analytics 101: The Art and Science of Color”, does a terrific job of explaining what colors can communicate, how much color to use, and why color is so important in any type of presentation or media.

Here’s a very helpful “Basic Color Psychology” chart from the article to help you see what the various colors typically impress upon the viewer:

Color Psychology Chart

Contributing authors, Mike Mates and Steven Carter, point out that how powerful color can be as far as reinforcing your brand goes and how important it is to make smart choices on those colors:

When color is used within the context of a specific brand, it’s important to make choices that align with the brand palette and honor usage guidelines. Because color has both a major influence over human emotion and the power to elicit metaphors, most brands have intentionally chosen colors that have specific resonance with their audience. Brands rely on color as a powerful identifying feature, which is why you should take every opportunity to reinforce a brand through its visual system.

So, if you decide to copy the colors of a top brand, put some thought into whether or not it will fit in with the message you want to communicate to your audience. The colors you choose for your brand can make the difference between capturing new followers or possibly losing them.

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