How Active Are Baby Boomers on Google Plus?

Moneypenny’s 2¢ Worth: According to Luca Della Dora with We Are Social, “Google+ is in line to surpass Facebook and become the most widely used social network in the world.” That may be true, but not if the 55-64 year old age group (yours truly) have anything to say about it.

Courtesy of We Are Social and Global Web Index

Courtesy of We Are Social and Global Web Index

Apparently, we are the least active age group on Google+ and may not be showing any signs of getting on board the relevancy train. Sad, but not shocking. I see these kinds of stats everywhere when pertaining to social media activity. There seems to be a technological disconnect or a social disinterest among my Baby Boomer brethren when it comes to these incredibly valuable social platforms.

We’re missing the boat people! The life expectancy of the 55-64 year old and older group is now well up into the 90’s. [pullquote position=”left”]We’re going to be around for many more decades and the necessity of being “connected” to the latest technology and social vehicles will become more and more imperative.[/pullquote] Not because we “should” be connected, but because we will “need” to be. Communication with family, friends, businesses, medical facilities, social services, etc. will all be enmeshed somehow into online social and direct communication platforms.

And if, as we age, we still wish to be relevant in the corporate or entrepreneurial world, we will have to keep up with the technological and social media curve. 55-64 year olds and older cannot afford to ignore or discount the importance of being “actively” involved in social media.

So, if the stats on the woeful activity of us Baby Boomers is accurate, we have some serious catching up to do. Don’t worry though. There is no shortage of remarkable, free training on the web for those who want to get in the game. Where do you start? I’d jump in with Google+ first. It’s fast-growing, fun, and easy to use.

Check out the following links below for some of my favorite experts on Google+. Sign up for their free newsletters. +1 and “follow” them on Google Plus. Take action today! You can thank me down the road.

Google+: Martin Shervington | Ronnie Bincer | Google+ Resource

What is your 2¢ worth? I’d really like to know. Take a second and share your comments, thoughts, and suggestions below. Your perspective is valuable to all. Thanks in advance!

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