Baby Boomers & Career Changers: Your Social Media Image is Everything

“37 percent of employers now use Facebook to pre-screen applicants, and 92 percent of recruiters use or plan to use social media for recruitment. Almost nine in ten recruiters have made a hire through LinkedIn, and 73 percent have successfully hired a candidate who was introduced to them through a social media site.”

Moneypenny’s 2¢ worth: Even though this article/infographic from Shea Bennett with Media Bistro focuses on graduating college students, [pullquote position=”right”]Baby Boomers can glean some excellent personal branding tips from this resource by simply eating the meat and throwing away the bones.[/pullquote] While you may not have to worry about pictures of your most recent drunken frat party (or maybe you do?), you can certainly apply the reminders to make sure your spelling and grammar are correct in anything you have published online, to use a professionally done profile picture, to tweet only what is appropriate and applicable to your career goals, and to double-check to your social media profiles to make sure they are all complete. Following these social media marketing and personal branding tips will go a long way toward helping you achieve your career objectives.

Social Media Consultant

John Moneypenny is a Social Media Marketing Consultant in Denver, CO. He helps small businesses and entrepreneurs learn how to use Social Media Marketing to engage their clients, develop their brand, and increase profits.