How to Make the Most of Vine’s 6 Seconds

Does your business utilize Vine as part of its social media marketing engagement strategy? If not, you should. And while we may be conditioned to use Instagram or YouTube to tell longer video stories, Vine’s six-second limit forces marketers to truly be creative with their time.

Unlike Twitter or Facebook, there aren’t many pitfalls with Vine content. While you may deal with a rogue tweet or an inappropriately timed status update, the only risk with Vine content is that no one will see it. That should just motivate you to keep trying — and let those six seconds tell a compelling story.

Moneypenny’s 2¢ Worth: The attention span of your market, whether young or old, is dwindling. Most people nowadays are ADD and don’t even know it.[pullquote position=”right”] Vine helps to keep your market engaged because the only attention span required is 6 seconds. Even the most ADD of ADDers can hang in there for 6 seconds.[/pullquote]

The key here for you as the Vine marketer is to be creative, experiment, be spontaneous, and continue working on your ability to communicate a powerful, memorable message to your target audience in a very short period of time.

What is your 2¢ worth? I’d really like to know. Take a second and share your comments, thoughts, and suggestions below. Your perspective is valuable to all. Thanks in advance!

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