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Twitter engagement is crucial and Twitter is a lean, mean engagement machine!

There are few, if any, barriers to reaching out in some way to anyone in the world to start a conversation on Twitter. twitter engagement

Yet, many of us have drifted toward more of a “broadcasting” mode. Instead of tweeting out questions or feedback to others, we’ve become nothing more than our own private one-way media company.

What happened to the human to human interaction (H2H)? [pullquote position=”right”]If Twitter was a physical location you went to to network, would you walk up to others, blab some kind of data or comment to them, and then walk away?[/pullquote]

Automated tweeting services like Buffer and HootSuite have been abused by a lot of us. We’ve turned them into depositories for our endless conveyor belt of push marketing. (Note: I love Buffer and HootSuite). I don’t think that either service was intended to be used solely in that manner.

I likewise doubt that the founders of Twitter had a vision of their platform being a dumping ground for information. My gut tells me they saw a level playing field where everyone had an opportunity to engage and converse with anyone in the world at any time for mutual benefit.

This post is as much of a reminder to me as it is to anyone else that engagement and connection with others is where enrichment is found on Twitter. Do you want to stand out on Twitter? Start engaging, conversing, asking, and helping others! These actions have become less and less common on all social media platforms, but those who focus on them will be noticed, appreciated and followed far more than those who don’t.

Need some help with engagement? Try some of these resources to get the ball rolling . . .



What is your 2¢ worth? I’d really like to know. Take a second and share your comments, thoughts, and suggestions below. Your perspective is valuable to all. Thanks in advance!