Live-Tweeting TV Shows Drive Follower Growth and Engagement

Twitter just released a study that indicates that live-tweeting TV shows, particularly when done by humans, drives follower growth and viewer engagement.

TV shows increasing engagement and follower growth on Twitter when they live tweet during broadcasts is not earth shaking news. What IS remarkable about the impact of live tweeting, however, is the monstrous difference it makes if TV shows do NOT live tweet during those broadcasts.

Shock - Jess Pinkman Breaking Bad

According to Martin Beck with Third Door Media, human tweets versus brand generated tweets can provide a boost:

So while it’s not especially noteworthy that Twitter confirmed that television shows that live-tweet during broadcasts experience strong follower growth, it’s interesting to see just how much it helps. And the extra lift created when tweets come from humans as opposed to brand accounts.

Twitter Infographic - Live Tweeting

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