3 Reasons Why You Must Write a Lot of Blog Posts

Folks, you’ve got to write a lot of blog posts if you want to keep us with the Joneses. Carly Stec with Impact Branding & Design makes some terrific points in her recent article, “Why You Should Keep Blogging (Even When It Feels Like No One is Reading)”. It doesn’t matter if you have millions of […]

Fascinating interview of Katie Paine by Jason Falls with Social Media Explorer TV!  Jason asks Katie (a.k.a. “The Queen of Metrics”) to explain how to prove the ROI of a business’ Social Media investment.

Katie points out that before you can measure Social Media ROI, you have to determine what your “R” (Return) is. What sort of “return” are you looking to quantify?

She goes on to say that “ROI in Social Media is NOT defined in terms of eyeballs or in terms of numbers” because there are too many variables that don’t allow for clean metrics.

The bottom line is whether or not your Social Media efforts are reaching the right eyeballs and are you creating engagement with that audience.

This would be a great interview to watch with a potential client to help educate them on the realities of Social Media metrics and to set expectations for the client.

How to Increase Your Traffic and Leads by Improving Your Marketing (SlideShare)

This presentation via HubSpot and DutchmarQ includes some remarkable statistics and data that will help you determine how to increase your traffic and leads by improving your marketing.

The study is based upon HubSpot’s 7,000+ clients and reveals the impact of the following marketing tactics:

  1. Content impact
  2. Landing Page impact
  3. Blogging impact
  4. Twitter impact
  5. Facebook impact

One of the amazing stats from the SlideShare: Companies that Blog at least 15+ times per month get 5 times more traffic than companies that don’t. And, small businesses tend to see the biggest gains in traffic when they post more articles!

How to Increase Your Web Page Conversions

Words are powerful. If you use the right ones, you can influence others to do what you want. If you use the wrong words, you are in danger of getting little to no response. This truth applies even to the words you use on your website buttons. Here’s my 2-cents worth on John Bonini’s article, […]

3 Writing Success Tips from J.K. Rowling

OK, these 3 writing success tips from J.K. Rowling are FASCINATING to me!

Rowling writes primarily:

  1. For her own amusement.
  2. For her own interest.
  3. For herself.

This seems so contrary to the mantra from a lot of writing success “experts” who tell us to write for our audience.

Maybe it’s a chicken and the egg thing. Could it be more effective to write copy compelled by our own passions first, and then the audience to our unique voice will follow?

Lots to think about. Love it!

How to Save Time Managing Multiple WordPress Websites

Are you responsible for managing a handful of WordPress websites for yourself or your clients? Have you hit a dead-end looking for a way to save time managing multiple WordPress websites? Is this what you look like after trying to keep up with the mountain of daily WordPress maintenance, upgrade, update and security tasks? I’ve got […]

Are you ever completely stumped on what to share in your next Social Media post? Do you sometimes fee tapped-out on blog article ideas?

We’ve all been there.

Well fortunately, Leadership and Social Media platform expert, Michael Hyatt, just posted an extremely practical video to bail us all out. Enjoy 10 Different Types of Social Media Posts to Grow Your Following!