Trying to find the right Social Media platform for your business can be mind-boggling.

You don’t want to leave your business off of anything that might help draw traffic and conversions, but you also don’t want to waste valuable time on a Social Media platform that will produce little to no results.

So what do you do?

Shira Lazar, host of YouTube’s What’s Trending, does a very good job of explaining why you need to first determine where your particular market is on Social Media and then focus your marketing efforts on those platforms.

“You really need to know what you’re trying to sell, and where those communities are, and you need to be present within those communities bringing value and getting creative.” – Shira Lazar

One of the key points that Google+ specialist, Mark Traphagen, makes in this SlideShare presentation is that you cannot make the mistake of judging your Social Media marketing effectiveness based on direct sales from specific Social Media posts or even specific Social Media platforms.

Social Media platforms and posts are like billboards. They provide a constant marketing message to the audience that does have some level of impact on the potential client’s buying decision, but rarely is it direct impact.

Like the billboard, Social Media is only one factor in a sea of marketing factors that, in aggregate, work to persuade the prospect of their need for your product or service.

Marketing is a team effort using all of your tools together, not one tool solely responsible for the sale. And if you place that responsibility onto your Social Media campaigns, you’ll be making a mistake.

Drawing traffic to your website is crucial to your success.

If no one can find you, you’re screwed.

If no one sees your content, you don’t exist.

“Content is king when it comes to online marketing strategies.” – Alex Miser

That’s why creating high quality, compelling content that engages your audience and bumps up your ranking in Google is your Holy Grail.

Alex Miser points out the following stats supporting the value of content marketing:

  • B2B marketers that use blogs generate 67% more leads.
  • Videos on Landing Pages increase conversions by 86%.
  • 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase based on a promotional email.

Your blog, videos, social media platforms, targeted emails, and white papers are all avenues you must use to market your business and services to your niche.

Take action TODAY to get your content marketing campaigns off the ground!

This SlideShare from HubSpot has some of the very best sales-related quotes from Mad Men’s brilliant, yet tortured leader of advertising, Don Draper.

My favorite: “Success comes from standing out, not fitting in.”

Not familiar with Mad Men? Here’s a snippet from the most recent episode of Season 7:

“Social Media in a Nutshell”
by Pam Moore

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Social Zoom Factor
August 15, 2014

Pam Moore - Social Zoom Factor

I first discovered Pam Moore (a.k.a. “The Marketing Nut”) last year on Twitter.

It seemed like every time I did a search for valuable, practical content on Twitter about anything related to Social Media, Pam’s tweets would show up in the search results time and time again.

“The heartbeat of social media is people. It’s people who write and send the tweets, take the photos, record the videos and engage in conversation. We must take a step back from the technology and embrace the human factor in order to zoom real results.” – Pam Moore

Now I’m no genius (ask my wife), but I knew this woman was social media “sharp” and I should probably follow her. Little did I know that I had stumbled upon a gold mine of killer marketing tips and strategies that I may never be able to sift all the way through.

As you’ve gathered, I’m a big fan of Pam’s. She is very generous with her knowledge and advice about this crazy social media world we’re all connected to.

My way of giving back to her is to share some of the powerful content she creates with you. In this case, it’s one of Pam’s very best podcasts, “Social Media in a Nutshell”. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights

  • What is social media in a nutshell?
  • Importance of focusing on the human factor and not just tools and technology
  • Doing social media vs being socially relevant
  • Heartbeat of social media is people
  • How online relationships are similar to offline relationships

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