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Folks, you’ve got to write a lot of blog posts if you want to keep us with the Joneses.

Carly Stec with Impact Branding & Design makes some terrific points in her recent article, “Why You Should Keep Blogging (Even When It Feels Like No One is Reading)”.

It doesn’t matter if you have millions of readers and subscribers, or if you and your Mom are the only ones who read your blogs. You’ve got to hang in there, become a better writer, and pick up the pace. The rewards will come. The sales will increase. But you must work on improving your writing skills.


Here are the “simple, yet significant” highlights of Carly’s article:

Guess What? There’s Lots of Blogger Competition

  • There are a crap load of blogs written every minute of every day.
  • That means there is a crap load of competition.
  • Don’t get discouraged. Rather be grateful for the audience you have.
  • Keep blogging and the rewards will come.

Reason #1: You’ll Become a Better Writer If You Practice

  • Want to get better at blogging? Write more often, not less.
  • Like anything else, if you don’t practice you won’t get any better.
  • Regular blogging creates more and more credibility with your readers.
  • Write something … anything … every day.

Reason #2: The More Posts You Publish, the More Google Will Index

According to HubSpot, companies with 51 to 100 pages generate 48% more traffic than companies with 1 to 50 pages and companies that have reached 101 to 200 pages generate 2.5x more leads than those with 50 or fewer pages.

  • Google’s bots will crawl all over your website if it has a ton of blog posts.
  • The more your writing improves, the greater chance other sites will link to your content and improve your ranking in Google.
  • Find out what the needs and wants of your target market are and then provide the solutions in your blog posts.
  • Get as many inbound links as you can, but do it with quality content not tactics that Google will penalize you for.

Reason #3: A High Volume of Exceptional Blog Posts Will Help Close Sales

  • Your sales reps will love you for posting high level content that shows your prospects that you are the experts.
  • Your problem-solving blog posts will become the reason that buyers on the fence will jump on over to your service or product.
  • The best source of ideas for your blog posts will always be the feedback, suggestions and complaints of your customers.

What about your 2-cents worth? Submit your comments, thoughts and ideas below. And don’t forget the words of Mad Men’s, Don Draper … “Keep it simple, but significant.”