15 Social Media Tips Only Baby Boomers Can Appreciate

Baby Boomers

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Baby Boomers are a unique demographic. Many are catching on to the tsunami that is social media.

And thanks to websites like Social Media Examiner, JeffBullas.com, HubSpot, and others, there is no shortage of social media tips to make life on the web that much more enjoyable and productive.

However, sometimes in order to communicate to certain demographics, you have to speak their language.

So, combining my passion for social media and my mission to help Baby Boomers understand and utilize it better, I thought I’d have some fun with a few tips of my own – tips that only Baby Boomers can appreciate.

Hope you guys find these social media tips to be kind of groovy . . .

Sock Hop

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Red Frisbee

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Bulletin Board

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Banana Bicycle Seat

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Saddle Shoes

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Love Beads

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Mood Ring

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Ouija Board

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Troll Doll

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Phone booth stuffing

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Twinkies - Color Splash

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