Twitter Tip: How to Delete a Tweet on Twitter

Every now and then, you are going to need to delete a tweet on Twitter.


You may have realized that you didn’t format the tweet the way you wanted, perhaps you misspelled a word, or messed up a link, or any number of gaffs.

Embarrassing tweet from Mary J. Blige


Either way, the bottom line is . . . you need to make that puppy disappear.

Here’s how to delete a tweet on Twitter:

Twitter is an incredible platform that can open the door to all sorts of business and personal connections. Just be careful to double-check what you are about to tweet so that you don’t have to go back and delete something that may be cause for embarrassment or misunderstanding. Keep in mind that hilarious spelling mistakes on Twitter are only funny when other people make them.

Tweet Spelling Mistake1 Twitter mistake2 Twitter mistake3

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