Why Using Graphics in Your Social Media Marketing is Powerful

When it comes to communicating and learning, you can’t beat visuals for their impact. There is something very powerful about seeing ideas or instructions visually that clicks in our brains quickly and clearly. We are visual creatures who are drawn to and fascinated by pictures, graphics, and video. Sarah LaMothe’s Google+ post below via KwikTurn Media puts some numbers to this phenomenon to show why visuals are such a powerful tool for social media marketing:

The Wall Street Journal recently tweeted findings from Forrester Research that support the idea that visuals create higher engagement on social media platforms like Instagram: 

Social Media Marketer, Miranda Miller, points out the relationship between teaching and learning in her TopRank Blog article, The Power of Visual Content Marketing and Brand Visuals in Action:

Through your content, you may be inspiring, engaging, entertaining. What you are doing though, at the basic level, is teaching. You want your audience to understand the information you are sharing. You want to influence their decisions. Empowered consumers seek out information to help them make the best decision, often considering multiple sources.

Now pair this customer insight with what we know about how people learn: the majority of people are visual learners, either primarily or in combination with other styles. You’ll see a range of stats on the percentage of learners in each group, though 30% visual, 25% auditory, 15% kinesthetic and 30% mixed learning styles is a commonly accepted figure. These are the three major learning styles and though one person may use a combination of styles to take in information, we all lean towards one primary preference.

Since there is no denying its effectiveness, it might be time for you to embrace the power of visual content marketing:

Pinterest Infographic

Pinterest Infographic

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