Why Brands Need to Become Observers

Moneypenny’s 2¢ Worth: Whether or not you are an established “brand”, or someone who is just launching your new business and trying to establish that brand, it is important to do some upfront research on your market to find out what they are interested in. [pullquote position=”right”]Rather than pushing out content to the masses that YOU think they’d like to consume and pass along to their circle of influence, companies need to take some time to listen and to observe what their market craves.[/pullquote] One way to do that is by monitoring the most popular post, pins, uploads, etc. on both Pinterest and Instagram. Just by observing what is consistently shared on these platforms in your industry, you can determine more accurately what your market wants you to communicate and send out to them.

Curalate’s CEO Apu Gupta had a chance to chat big picture during November’s Social Marketing Expo in Las Vegas. Below, learn how modern marketers can drive business wide change by listening to (and learning from) their customers on today’s visual web.

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John Moneypenny is a Social Media Marketing Consultant in Denver, CO. He helps small businesses and entrepreneurs learn how to use Social Media Marketing to engage their clients, develop their brand, and increase profits.